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Fostering Healing Communities through Creative Collaboration

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony; and they loved not their life even unto death…

Our Mission

Rev1211 brings together musicians, songwriters, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, developers, trailblazers, supporters, seekers, and you to “overcome by the power of story.” Our mission is to help promote positive life-change, community and healing through artistic application, creative collaboration and powerful story-telling via multimedia projects, intimate Gospel experiences, fellowship, and human services initiatives.

Collaborative Creativity

Bringing together a diverse group of individuals, including musicians, songwriters, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, developers, and more, to foster creative collaboration.

Positive Life-Change and Healing

The primary mission is centered around promoting positive life-change, community building, and healing through various means, including artistic application, powerful storytelling, multimedia projects, intimate Gospel experiences, and human services initiatives.

Multifaceted Impact

Rev1211 aims to make a difference on multiple fronts by engaging in artistic endeavors, fostering community through fellowship, and actively participating in human services initiatives, thereby creating a comprehensive approach to positive transformation.

About Us

Committed to Growth

For the better part of a decade REV1211 has been investing in the spiritual, emotional, and vocational development of artists. Seeing artists thrive has been the heart of the work of the organization.


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